What is it?

wasap.js is a simple JavaScript library that allows anyone to contact you via WhatsApp without requiring them to add you to their contact list. This is now possible due to both the whatsapp protocol and its API, which wasap.js uses and creates a clickable link if the user is on mobile.

Get itDemos

Remember to reach us via WhatsApp! This message will be converted to a link only if you're on mobile.

Get Started

Just create an element with a data-whatsapp="YourNumber" attribute, then include wasap.js and initialize it:


Check out our demos for more ideas.

Also, you might need to add <meta name='format-detection' content='telephone=no'>


  1. LightweightJust under 3KBs!
  2. No dependenciesWritten in plain ol' JavaScript
  3. ExtensibleDo something really cool with it, check out its API!
  4. Open SourceContribute with us!